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There are two kinds of frost, Advective Freeze and Radiation Frost.

Advective Freeze is caused by a big mass of cold air, which moves into a big area, this frost is not common during springtime.

Radiation Frost is caused by soil cooling during clear nights.

The soil received radiation heat from the sun during the day, at night the opposite occurs, especially during nights without the protection of clouds. The soil irradiates heat to the atmosphere, cooling the air in contact with it. The air starts cooling from the soil level to a level in which the temperature starts rising and then the temperature starts diminishing again. This bag of warmer air is the inversion layer, which is used by the wind machines and the helicopters to mix with the cold air and raise the temperature.

The frost control machine blows two streams of hot air to both sides while the tractor is moving on through the orchard or field affected by the frost. The two streams of air are aerodynamically clean, without turbulence so they penetrate in the cold air mass, forming a warm air layer at the height of the trees or crops. This is a great achievement because the warm air is where it must be to protect the trees or crops.

The advantages of this new method of frost control are very clear:

* It is inexpensive to run the machine-it consumes 2.8 pounds of propane per hour and per acre.

* One machine can cover 25 to 30 acres.

* The machine forms a warm air bag or inversion layer at the height of the trees. Then the machine works in its own microclimate. For this reason the temperature inside the area treated independent from the outside temperature. The strategy is to start with a temperature 1 or 2 degrees above the damaging temperature for the type of crop and maintain that temperature.

* The machine works in Advective Freeze- It doesn't need the warm air from the inversion layer.

* Runs on tractors with 45hp at the PTO.

In Chile there are 225 machines working to protect vineyards, almonds, stone fruit orchards, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and nurseries.

This machine not only protects against frost damage, it also increases the fruit setting, managing temperatures during blossom. other areas in which the machine can help is in avoiding the dew, just raising the temperature above the "dew point".


Dimensions                      96"Lx48"Hx64"w

Empty Weight                    1000 lbs.

Loaded Weight                   1600 lbs. (with 4 propane cylinders)

Centrifugal Fan                 Direct Drive

Gear Box			2-speed

3 point hitch mounted           category II

Fuel Consumption                75 lbs. per hour

Swath Widths			160-250 feet (each side