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3004/3004 Combo
Frost Dragon
Models 3004 & 3004 Combo
Mid Size Tractor Sprayer

* 2-in-1 sprayer - works in row crops and orchards.
* Blower housing rotates 90 degrees - accepts orchard, nut & vegetable heads.
* Has quick coupling 3-point hitch tractor mount.
* Gives swath width coverage in row crops up to 60 ft.
* Comes with bottom skids for easy handling and storage.
* Requires only 50hp tractor to operate.
* 100 gallon fiberglass tank (150 gallon tank optional).
* 120 gpm centrifugal pump.
* AccuRate Touch Command meters.
* Combo unit has both orchard head and rotating vegetable head mounted.

AgTec Model 3004 and 3004 Combo gives big sprayer performance in a small, easy to maneuver package. 3-point hitch mounted sprayer gets in and around tight plantings and narrow rows. Saves time and energy. 3004 and 3004 Combo works with small tractors - and tractors up to 85 hp.

Versatile 3004 and 3004 Combo allows work on a variety of crops and planting schemes. A variety of application heads make the 3004 and 3004 Combo very versatile.

Orchard/Citrus Head: This "standard head features 16 nozzle/orifices (8 on each side) with 3-way pattern control.

Nut Head: This single sided head allows the full velocity of the sprayer to exit through one side only. It gives maximum reach into tall trees.

Rotating Vegetable Head: Versatile head rotates 270 electronically. Allows operator to spray downwind. Ideal for row crops, nursery stock and a wide variety of vegetables with the AgTec mid-size 3004 3-point sprayer.

AgTec's 190-mph airstream gives total coverage with excellent particle breakup, even at higher rates. The 120 gpm centrifugal pump insures uniform solutions at any concentration with continuous hydraulic agitation inside the 100, or 150 gallon fiberglass tank. Features like; 3-in-1 spraying, low volume dilute spray capabilities, quick-couple hitch and built in skids for easy handling and storage, make the 3004 ideal for quick work in both row crops and orchards. The AgTec 3004 is 3 sprayers in one. The blower housing rotates 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, allowing for of the Orchard/Citrus Head or the Rotating Vegetable Head, the 3004 Combo utilizes booth Heads.

Built to American industrial construction standards, all parts are readily available.


Frame: Wire-welded heavy-duty channel steel.

Hitch: Category 1 or 2, 3-point hitch. Quick coupling A-frame bracket on sprayer slides over mounting bar on 3-point hitch.

Skids: Steel skids are part of the sprayer chassis for easy movement and storage.


PTO Shaft: Heavy-duty telescoping shaft is designed for smooth power delivery to the right angle gearbox with low vibration. Shaft, driveline, couplings and bearings are rated for 85 hp.


Blower: "AirFlo" squirrel-cage blower is driven by multiple belts from gearbox. Moves large volume of air at high velocity (190+ mph) to shear solutions and hold selected spray pattern even in adverse wind conditions.

Deflectors: Stainless Steel deflectors use simple wing nut adjustments to control shape of spray pattern.


Tank: 100 gallon capacity AgiTank reservoir is made of corrosion resistant 3/16" fiberglass with smooth interior surfaces for unrestricted flow of solutions. Sparger action holds chemicals in suspension.

Pump: 120 gpm centrifugal pump operates at low psi, recirculates product continuously to flush sump and insure uniformity of solution.

Metering: AccuRate Touch Command meters are located for easy access and can be quickly set for precise rates form 10 to 200 gallons per acre. Dilute rate Manifold kit optional.

Pattern: AccuRate: manifold flow dividers and orifice regulators allow operator to spray in one or both direction with top four, bottom four, or all eight nozzles per side. Individual valves adjust flow rate to each nozzle for precise pattern control (Orchard/Citrus Head).

Nozzles: Mystifyer sprayer nozzles have large orifices to help prevent clogging with concentrated solutions and are highly resistant to abrasives and corrosives. Solutions are metered to nozzles under low pressure, then sheared into mist-size droplets by high-speed air stream.

Spray Heads: Standard 16-nozzle Orchard/Citrus Head can be quickly removed for installation of other AgTec spray heads including 270 degrees Rotating Vegetable Heads. Combo model utilizes both Orchard and Rotating Crop Head.

DIMENSIONS with orchard head (approx)

Tank Size (gallons)		100
Length				78"
Height (tank)			58"
Width				39"
Weight (lbs.)			700

Tank Size (gallons)		150
Length				78"
Height (tank)			58"
Width				56"
Weight  (lbs.)			750